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“Discrimination, hatred and violence toward the Ahmadiyya community has long been sanctioned by Pakistan… Peace, education, pluralism, racial and gender equality are the hallmarks of the Ahmadi people and true religious freedom is an absolute essential human right.  I will continue to stand in solidarity with Ahmadiyya Muslims as they seek to live in a world free from hatred.” U.S. Congresswoman Jackie Speier (D-CA) 




 “In Pakistan, hundreds of Ahmadis have been murdered for their faith and beliefs, and thousands arrested for declaring Islam to be their faith.”Dr Andrew Bennett, Canadian Ambassador for Religious Freedom







“Certainly discriminatory laws like the law on the status of Ahmadis in Pakistan are simply in violation of Pakistan’s human rights obligations and need to be taken care of” Sam Zarifi, Amnesty International’s Asia-Pacific Director







“…in countries such as Pakistan, where there has been a huge rise in violence, particularly against the Ahmadiyya community, culminating in the vicious attacks on people at their prayers but also, endemic assassinations of people belonging to the Ahmadiyya community, and persecution of all those who subscribe to that conviction.”Lord Eric Avebury, International Human Rights Advocate





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“I know that your community has suffered terrible persecution” Rt Hon David Cameron MP, The Prime Minister







“…you have held fast to the principles of peace – even in the face of severe persecution in some countries” The Rt Hon Nick Clegg MP, The Deputy Prime Minister & Leader of the Liberal Democrats Party







“Part of the problem is that discrimination is openly written into the country’s (Pakistan’s) legal Sharia based code. Pakistan’s blasphemy and Ahmadiyya-banning laws institutionalise discrimination and therefore sanctions intolerance.” Dr Charles Tannock MEP







2014 Annual Report from US Commission on International Religions Freedom

“…Ahmadis contin­ued to be murdered in religiously-motivated attacks. In addition, local police repeatedly forced Ahmadis to remove Qur’anic scripture from mosques and minarets. There also were desecrations of Ahmadi graves…”

“During the reporting period, Ahmadis were effectively dis­enfranchised from voting in the parliamentary elections due to discriminatory laws targeting their faith.”

Ahmadis are subject to severe legal restrictions, both in the constitution and criminal code, and suffer from officially-sanctioned discrimination. The constitution declares members of the Ahmadi religious commu­nity to be “non-Muslims,” and the penal code makes basic acts of Ahmadi worship and interaction criminal offenses. They also are prevented from voting. During the reporting period, USCIRF continued to receive reports of Ahmadis being charged under the criminal code for their “illegal” religious activities.”

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Foreign Office Human Rights Report 2011

“This year has seen further incidents of discrimination against minorities in Pakistan…In particular, we are concerned about targeted attacks on …the Ahmadi community in Pakistan. Provisions within the constitution of Pakistan prevent Ahmadis from openly practising their religion, or identifying themselves as Muslims.”

 Report found here:

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Parliamentary Human Rights Group

Report of the Parliamentary Human Rights Group Fact Finding Mission to Pakistan to Examine the Human Rights Situation of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

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British Parliament Debate on the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

Transcript of the debate at Westminster Hall, House of Commons on 20th October 2010
on the problems facing the Ahmadiyya Muslim community.

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Rabwah: A Place for Martyrs?

Report of the Parliamentary Human Rights Group mission to Pakistan into internal flight for Ahmadis.

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Parliamentary Human Rights Group

To mark the first anniversary of the Lahore attacks the All Party Parliamentary Group for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in the UK organised a policy debate to highlight the growing menace of religious extremism in Pakistan and other countries and to discuss how, if left unchecked, such extremism could impact on Britain and other western countries.