Justice for Ahmadi Muslims

Join our petition to the Prime minister of Pakistan to give Ahmadi muslims the rights they are denied.

Under new ordinances and laws Ahmadis can not: 
1. Preach their belief. 
2. Call themselves a Muslim. 
3. Recite Holy Quran. 
4. Say Muslim salutation “Aasalam-o-Alaikum”. 
5. Recite “Kalima Tayyeba” i.e. There is no one worthy of worship except Allah, Muhammad is His Prophet. 
6. Call for Prayers (Adhan). 
7. Call their places of worship as “Masjid”. 
8. Cannot posses anything (badge/book etc.) on which Quranic Verses or Ahadith (sayings of Prophet Mohammad [peace be upon him]) are printed. 
9. Act or pose like a Muslim 
10. Do any such act which hurts the feelings of another Muslim. 

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